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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Five Offerings

Everything is wrong
It is not me, it is you
The parting of ways


The world is like sand
Splattered across the cosmos
Sparsely everywhere


Don't pick at my brain
You won't like what you find there
I have my own thoughts


Gray skies of mourning
It is like a funeral
When the longing died


The three suns shine fast
Up above the winter snow
Calling for the war

Friday, November 12, 2010

Thoughts of Today

I can’t think like you,
I was never like the rest
I was like the moon

Rain beating downward,
The city sleeps so soundly,
Echoes of thunder

You were once my kind,
Sometimes things change but I know
Love will always be

The silver moon hangs,
On the star strewn sky so high,
Thoughts are unending

Never doubt the ones you love
Close your eyes so tight

First Offering

No titles. Just words.


Barking at the moon,
Calling card of the hunter
Night can be so still


Wind does not fade fast
Sweeping, sleeping oceans lie
The goddess transforms

The man is smoking,
He has no friend at all
He is mocked by life


Windows to my eyes,
Never thought the world would break,
Innocence is bliss


Don’t go changing now,
You’ve been the same for so long,
I can remember


The song is so sad,
The memory has faded
They will never be